Yemen official:

Yemen(IP)-The Deputy Minister of Guidance and Hajj of Yemen said that Islamic Revolution Guard Corps is a pain in the neck of global arrogance.

Iran PressMiddle East: On January 19 the European Parliament put the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps on the list of so-called terrorist groups of the European Union.

In an interview with IranPress correspondent in Sana'a, Fouad Naji condemned the move by the European Parliament and said, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps(IRGC) has a special place in West Asia and has stood up to the global arrogance and the US hegemony because the US seeks to humiliate the people of the region with hegemony.

Yemen's Deputy Minister of Guidance and Hajj emphasized that the IRGC has played an important role in supporting the Islamic resistance in Palestine, Lebanon, and other regions.

Referring to the important role of Martyr Qasem Soleimani in supporting the resistance front, Fouad Naji noted that the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps has made supporting the Palestinian cause a priority.

The Deputy Minister of Guidance and Hajj of Yemen stated that the termed IRGC is a source of pride and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps represents the front of truth against falsehood.


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