Tehran(IP)- IRGC Chief Commander called the US, the factory of dictators all over the world.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking on the National Day of Fighting Global Arrogance this morning (Thursday) on November 4, Major General Hossein Salami said that the United States of America is a factory with dictators as its products.

November 4th; Day of Iranian nation's great victory

Major General Salami added: "Today is a day of great victory for the Iranian nation, overcoming the greatest empire in human history, namely the United States."

" November 4, 1979 At a time when the United States was at the height of its political, military, and economic power, and the Iranian people had not yet built the great structures of their present power at the beginning of a glorious revolution, a great revolution took place in the heart of that Islamic revolution ", he continued.

Major General Salami continued: "This courage and endurance in the atmosphere of that time in the world is one of the most amazing historical facts for both human beings and the Iranian nation." We were dealing with the USA whose history and the geography of the world was suffering from aggression occupation, and coup d'état in every corner of it.

"We were dealing with an American whose history of the world and the geography of the world suffers from aggression, aggression, occupation, and coup d'etat." he stated.

Wars, product of US policy

Referring to the US warmongering in the world, the IRGC Chief Commander said: "More than 40 major wars in 40 parts of the world are the product of US policy in the world." It has fought against Europe, Africa, South America, the Far East, the Middle East, and Russia everywhere. More than 8 million deaths are the result of direct US wars. More than 200 interventions in the internal affairs of countries in the form of coups, economic sanctions, military wars, and civil seditions are the product of the policy of a superpower that has willed throughout its political life to pursue military goals by expanding military power. Each of the 750 US military bases in the world, each with a circle of political influence, has sought to establish pervasive political dominance in the world.

"From Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines to Jafar Namiri in Sudan to Pinochet in Chile and the pharaohs of Egypt and the Shah of Iran and the ruling sultans of many Arab countries, it is full of dictators who emerged from the womb of the American political system.", highlighted he.

Americans get used to be defeated by Iran

Referring to the history of American enmity with the Iranian nation after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Major General Salami said: "Americans are accustomed to constantly losing to the Iranian nation, but this has not yet been a lesson for them."

"The decline of the United States began, and on the contrary, the political vitality and revolutionary enthusiasm and the attainment of a high degree of power for our system increased and increased day by day," he stated.

Today (Thursday) is the 13th of Aban (November 4, 2021), the National Day of Fighting Global Arrogance in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Forty-two years ago on this day (November 4, 1979), Iranian students captured the US Espionage Den in Tehran in protest of numerous US plots against the Islamic Revolution.

Every year, in honor of this day, the people of Islamic Iran demonstrate their national unity and Islamic solidarity in a nationwide and passionate march and shout the message of the Islamic Revolution, "Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic" and anti-arrogance slogans.


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