Deputy Minister of Health Iraj Haririchi

Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Minister of Health Iraj Haririchi said that Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Army have been our main supporters in facing coronavirus crisis.

Iran Press/Iran News:  The Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education Iraj Haririchi, on the sideline of the inauguration ceremony of a hospital Complex and rehabilitation center of "Martyr Hojrati" stated that "Army and IRGC were our main supports in combating coronavirus."

He added that there are two strategies in combating coronavirus; one of them is social distancing which happened through closing schools, offices, and shopping centers and the other one is isolating the coronavirus suspects. The second goal is achieved here. 

Alireza Zali, the head of the Tehran Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus for his part said that at the moment 1,736 beds of the army's hospitals in Tehran are in our service.

Zali added more than 70% of the beds in Hajar, Besat, Fajr and Khanevadeh hospitals are allocated to the Covid-19 infected.


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