Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) engage in a nighttime operation. (Photo: Archive)

Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) in Diyala province, eastern Iraq on Sunday night thwarted an attempt by elements of the Daesh terrorist group to attack the oil field in northeast Diyala province east of the country.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Daesh terrorists were intending to attack Naftkhaneh oil wells, is located about 110 kilometers northeast of Baqubah, near the Iraq-Iran border, but their attack failed.

Different areas of Iraq, including Diyala province, have witnessed several terrorist attacks in recent days.

According to Iraqi media, hidden elements of the Daesh terrorist group in recent weeks have exploited Iraqi unrest to prepare for fresh attacks in various parts of the country.

Iraqi sources had announced the massive deployment of PMF in Diyala province to counter Daesh terrorists.

It is the biggest deployment of PMF in the region since 2003 to counter ISIS's danger.

These units are currently in control of the area and have used an open operations strategy to chase active terrorist cells in the area.

The geographical situation of the Petroleum Region is very complicated, containing impassable ridges.