IP- Seyyed Ammar Hakim, the leader of Iraq's National Wisdom Movement, gave a speech on the anniversary of Seyyed Abdul-Aziz Hakim's death in Najaf, stating that Iraq has always stood firmly against those who seek to disturb stability and attack the rights of Iraqi groups.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Referring to Iraq's stability and the formation of Mohammed Shia' Al Sudani's government, Hakim emphasized that the country's construction and strategic projects are a result of that stability.

Hakim also addressed the issue of Palestine, expressing Iraq's firm belief in the rights of Palestinians to their land, which has been occupied by the Zionist regime. He condemned the killing and starvation of Palestinians, criticizing the international community for its silence on these atrocities.

Highlighting the importance of standing in solidarity with Palestinians based on Arab and Islamic values, Hakim criticized the United States for supporting the Zionist regime and expanding the war in Yemen. He urged the U.S. to recognize its mistake and understand the changing dynamics in the region, emphasizing that the Middle East is at the forefront of global change. 204

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