Tehran (IP) - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran traveled to Doha at the invitation of the Emir of Qatar to attend the 6th Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Summit in addition to pursuing the expansion of Iran-Qatar bilateral relations.

Iran PressIran News: The level of cooperation between Iran and Qatar and the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two countries during this trip can be a great demonstration of neighborly relations.

Developing relations with neighbors and countries in the region and friends has been announced as the main priority of the administration of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi in terms of foreign policy.

Due to its geographical location, Iran has 15 countries in its neighborhood and activating all economic, trade, industrial, cultural, and tourism capacities in relations with neighbors and countries in the region leads to the development of bilateral and multilateral relations and the realization of which would be to the benefit of regional peace and security.

Qatar is one of the target countries with priority in Iran's foreign policy, and a review of the history of their relations shows that relations between the two countries have always been deep and growing. The visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Qatar is part of the expansion of relations, and Qatar is also the first destination of Iran's President's visit to the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, which shows the special importance of relations between the two countries.

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While some Arab countries, with the support of the United States and its supporters in the West Asian region, were trying to darken Arab-Iranian relations forever, Qatar, however, continued its good relations with Iran and at the same time tried so that the Persian Gulf countries approach toward Iran would be far away from US goals while matching the regional facts.

Iran and Qatar have always believed that the only solution to regional problems and the elimination of some misunderstandings is cooperation, understanding, and constructive and friendly interaction within the region, and Iran has repeatedly adhered to this important principle in its policy and actions.

During his visit to Doha, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran will meet with Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, in addition to discussing bilateral relations and ways to strengthen relations, as well as important regional and international issues.

Iran and Qatar have good potential for cooperation in various political, economic, industrial, commercial, financial, maritime, tourism, financial, and energy sectors, and the dialogue between the President of Iran and the Emir of Qatar can pave the way for the expansion of comprehensive cooperation between the two countries so that it would have good results for Tehran and Doha.

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Ali Akbar Mehrabian, Minister of Energy of Iran, said that a memorandum of understanding is scheduled to be signed in the fields of electricity exchange, the connection of Iran-Qatar electricity network, trade of goods, investment, development of relations in free and trade zones, as well as culture and tourism.

Announced in the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Emir of Qatar, 4 agreements in the maritime and air sectors will be signed between the two countries. Iran is in intensive consultations with Qatar to build a sea tunnel. The implementation of this strategic plan between Iran and Qatar is of special importance and will connect the port of Dayyer port in Bushehr to Qatar. The implementation of the sea tunnel between Iran and Qatar, in addition to expanding maritime and port cooperation, will lead to the development of the tourism industry and is in the national interest of Iran and Qatar.

The visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Qatar and its conclusion to important agreements can be considered as the new chapter in the relationship with the neighborhood, and Iran has always prioritized the expansion of relations with neighbors and friendly countries in its foreign policy.

In the same framework, before leaving for Qatar on Monday morning at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport, Iranian President Ebrahim Ra'isi said: "A trip to Qatar is a step towards activating relations with the Persian Gulf countries and using the capacity of these countries, and a trip to Qatar is part of activating neighborhood diplomacy."


Written By: Ali Karami

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