Tehran (IP) – The secretary-general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought stated that the Islamic Revolution's slogan "Fight with Arrogance" had caused Islamic resistance, and the Iranian nation have proved that arrogant powers could be defeat.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the "Quds day is Islam's Day" ceremony held in Tehran, Hamid Shahriari stated that Lebanon's Hezbollah had been able to overcome Israel by making Iran's Islamic Revolution as its role model.

He noted that the Zionist regime was fragile and unstable due to the resistance, and it had become weaker day by day with the realization of the Islamic Revolution.

He pointed out that in the military field, Israel was completely weak and was fully within reach of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the popular movement in Gaza and Palestine, indicating the power of Imam Khomeini's message about Quds Day, which with unity, the child-killing regime would defeat.

He also highlighted that with the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Palestinian missiles, and the recent uprisings in the West Bank, the victory is imminent.

"Every time Israel enters the borders of Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine, it is forced to retreat with humiliation," Shahriari said.

He added that Israel did not offer anything to the world in the cultural sector, but it did not spare any effort to loot and massacre people and children.

"Israel is a symbol of war in West Asia and is trying to create a conflict between Islamic countries by promoting war," he underlined.

Politically, Israel is collapsing, and its powerless government has failed to unite its seven million population, he said.

He stressed that the normalization of some Arab countries' ties with Israel was a betrayal and a futile act.

He expressed hope that by holding such meetings, the Muslim world would pay more attention to the Palestine issue because Palestine had been the center of resistance and the dignity of Islam. 

"Iran declares its full support to the Palestinian people to fight arrogance with all strength and resources because Quds Day is coming," Shahriari concluded.


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