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Tehran (IP)- The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Iranian nation is the flag bearer in the fight against terrorism.

Iran PressIran news: In his live presser on Monday, while honoring the Government Week and martyrs Rajaee and Bahoner,  Nasser Kanaani added: "Today has been named as the Day of Fight against Terrorism, perhaps there is the least political system in the world than Iran where a great number of statesmen and its people and citizens have been victims of terrorism. The Iranian nation is the flag bearer in the fight against terrorism is at the forefront of the fight and is considered one of the biggest victims of the fight against terrorism."

Regarding the news about the agreement between Iran and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on the expulsion of terrorists from the region, Kanaani said: "An agreement was formed between Iran and the Iraqi government, based on which the Iraqi government committed to the end of September 19, based on the understanding and agreement to disarm the armed separatists in the territory of Iraq and the Kurdistan region and empty the military barracks they have created there and evacuate these barracks and transfer them to the camps planned by the Iraqi government."

Kanaani added: "Based on our information, the Iraqi government has notified the terms of this MoU to the authorities of the Kurdistan Region for implementation, and we are waiting for this agreement to be implemented. The September 19 deadline will not be extended in any way as the relevant authorities of Iran announced. The authorities of the Kurdistan Region have been briefed about our views, and in various talks, this issue has been conveyed to the authorities of Iraq and the region. The UN Secretary General's special representative in Iraq is aware of Iran's views. The representative of the High Commissioner for Refugees is aware of Iran's views."

Iran, Iraq relations based on good neighborliness

He said:" Iran-Iraq relations are friendly, fraternal, and based on good neighborliness. The relations between the two countries are warm, friendly, and constructive, but the presence of separatist terrorist armed forces in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is a bane in the bilateral relations. Our expectation is that this bane will be removed from the relationships. In this regard, we are waiting for the full implementation of the existing agreement between Iran and Iraq."

The spokesman noted: "Security is important for Iran and we are committed to the security of Iran, after the deadline, if the agreement is not implemented, we will fulfill our responsibilities within the framework of Iran's security."

 US military's presence in Syria completely illegal

"The presence of the US military and the US forces in the territory of Syria is completely illegal. The Syrian government has not invited the American military and the official request of the Syrian government is the withdrawal of the US military forces from the territory of this country as soon as possible. The developments in Syria have shown that the US military presence, besides being illegal, is the cause of continued instability and creating a breathing space for terrorist groups. The US government should leave Syria based on international regulations and the request of the Syrian government."

The diplomat said: "We consider the US military presence in the region to be contrary to peace, stability and tranquility in the region. The presence has caused instability and insecurity in the region."

The spokesman said about the meeting of the US envoy with Jamshid Sharmahed's family: "The US government must answer to the government and people of Iran what is its relationship with a well-known terrorist, who has been convicted in court. A terrorist who is known to be in charge of a terrorist group and has carried out numerous terrorist acts against the Iranian people is clearly responsible for the planning and implementation of the inhumane and brutal terrorist bombing operation in Shiraz, during which dozens of mourners were killed."

The official elsewhere in response to a question stated: "Lifting the oppressive sanctions and making them ineffective are two approaches that the Raisi Administration pursued during the last two years. Negotiations to lift sanctions within the framework of indirect and mediated negotiations, whether through the European Union or friends in the region. We pay special attention to both paths. Both the indirect negotiations for the return of all parties to their commitments and the implementation of the agreement, and the path of neutralizing the oppressive sanctions, which is emphasized by the supreme leader."

Kanaani noted: "Recently, we had an understanding with the US government, which was done through friendly governments, to discuss the swap of prisoners to release the Iranian citizens who have been brutally taken hostage, with a humane approach to the case and with importance for the release of Iranian prisoners, we made an understanding on the swap of prisoners, and along with that, we pursued the unblocking of Iran's assets, and this understanding was carried out and at one time, four to seven weeks were announced and we are witnessing the progress of the work. This is an approach that, if done correctly, can be a constructive step for us to take the next steps in the path of the American side's committed return to the mutual agreement."

The high-ranking official added: "There are friendly governments in the region, including Oman and Qatar, who are interested in playing a role. We welcome the constructive role of these countries. Lifting sanctions is a priority for us and we will use diplomatic capacities."

Musa Sadr; unforgettable figure

He also said: "The fate of Musa Sadr is important for us and his services to the region and Lebanon are unforgettable. We are considering this issue with Lebanon. The government of Lebanon pays special attention to this issue, and there is an agreement between the government of Lebanon and Libya, The government of Libya has accepted responsibilities, and both the Iranian government and the government and nation of Lebanon want the Libyan government to pay special attention to help the fate of Imam Musa becomes clear."


Iran, Saudi Arabia sports events essential

In response to a question about sports competitions between Iran and Saudi Arabia and Asian Club Cup games, the spokesman stated: "Sports cooperation between the two countries is an important issue. We are present in the common region and the games of the two teams have been among the most exciting and well-attended games. It is expected that the sports events of the two countries will go according to the good trend of political and cultural relations between the two countries. In the talks between the two foreign ministers in Riyadh, there have been good talks about accelerating and making sports cooperation and exchanges between the two countries more active. The two ministers agreed to help sports cooperation grow more."


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