Baku (IP) - Iran's Defense Ministry's "Joshan" and "Paykan" missile launcher cruisers arrived in the coastal port of Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to take part in the Caspian Sea Cup Competitions.

Iran PressAsia: Iran's strategic navy team, consisting of 2 IRIS Joshan (2006) and IRIS Paykan (P224) missile boats, entered the port of Baku to participate in the 7th edition of the "Sea Cup" and were officially welcomed by the naval units of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In a statement, the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan officially announced the arrival of Iran's strategic navy team in the Azeri capital of Baku on Sunday.

The 7th edition of the international "Sea Cup" military competition is held every year with the participation of the Caspian Sea countries' naval forces. This year, the Republic of Azerbaijan hosted the competition.

Sea Cup includes six stages surface shooting, aerial shooting, mock mine shooting, and buoy control at sea, and two stages of survival at sea and damage control.

IRIS Joshan and IRIS Paykan missile launcher cruisers were sent to Baku on Saturday.

The 7th edition of the Sea Cup international military competition will be

Captain Amin Arshadi, head of the strategic naval expedition team of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, said that the Iranian group consisting of 78 athletes with 2 Iranian missile boats called IRIS Joshan (2006) and IRIS Paykan (P224) is present in this competition which is held in 6 specialized divisions.

In this international competition, which is held for about a month, the naval units of the countries bordering the Caspian Sea emphasize the achievements of peace and friendship in the region.

In the sixth round of this competition, held last year in 2021 in Bandar Anzali, Gilan Province, North of Iran, the Iranian team won first place in this competition.


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