Tehran (IP): While condemning the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, Vahid Ghasemi Ahad, the vice president of the Iranian Lawyers Association, emphasized the readiness of the association to restore the rights of the people of Gaza.

Iran Press/Iran News: On Saturday, in a meeting in Tehran, the issue of South Africa's complaint against the Zionist regime was discussed in the presence of lawyers.

Ziyad Patel, one of the African lawyers effective in this lawsuit, said: "South Africa filed a lawsuit against the Israeli regime in the International Court of Justice by presenting the available evidence and showing the deadly crimes of the Zionist regime."

South Africa has the right to sue and is treated as a legal claimant, the lawyer added, indicating that protective measures and an interim injunction should be granted.

He stated that immediate action should be taken against Israel's damages to Gaza, and said: "South Africa has shown that Israel has committed genocide in Gaza and must adhere to the provisions of the Genocide Convention." Also, South Africa cited UN reports. 204

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