(IP)- Iranian Kurash player Sadegh Azarang grabbed a gold medal in the 2022 Asian Games underway in China's Hangzhou.

Iran PressAsia: In the final match, he defeated his South Korean rival in the -90 kg category and stood in first place.

Kurash refers to a number of folk wrestling styles practiced in Central Asia. The English name comes from the term for "wrestling" in some Turkic languages.

With more than 12,000 competitors from 45 nations and territories, the 2022 Asian Games has more participants than the Olympics.

Iran has sent 289 male and female athletes to the Games in 34 sports events.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has so far collected a total of 29 medals – three golds, twelve silvers, and fourteen bronzes – at the Asian Games, and currently stands in the 11th place.

China leads the standings with 251 medals, including 139 golds. Japan is in the second slot with 116 medals, among them 30 golds while South Korean athletes rank third, having won 30 golds and 128 medals in total.

The event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will now take place in 2023.


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