Tehran (IP) - The representative of the World Health Organization in Iran emphasized that Afghan refugees calling at vaccination centers have received services that the Iranian government has provided them with.

Iran PressIran News: According to Iran Press News Agency, Jaffar Hussain, the World Health Organization Representative and Head of Mission to the Islamic Republic of Iran, said on Sunday: "There are three to four million Afghan refugees in Iran and the government received 1.6 Million doses from humanitarian buffer (COVAX) from COVID-19, but the government is vaccinating every Afghan Refugee going to the vaccination center even before receiving the buffer from their own resources, and I witnessed it during my visits to vaccination centers in Tehran, Kerman and Mashhad."

Speaking at the national conference in the Razi Conference Hall of Iran University of Medical Sciences, Jaffar Hussain added: "The World Health Organization, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Iran, is studying the effectiveness of Sinopharm, AstraZeneca and COVIran Barekat COVID-19 vaccines in order to extract its effectiveness."

The representative of the World Health Organization in Iran also said: "In Iran, good services have been provided with general vaccination, and with the arrival of vaccines and domestic products, full coverage has been provided in this regard."

Jaffar Hussain emphasized: "Iran is one of the leading countries in the region and West Asia which is capable of vaccinating publicly and sometimes injecting one and a half doses of vaccines on a daily basis."


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