Islamabad (IP) - The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan the high-level interaction between the two countries continues.

Iran PressAsia: Returning to the Iranian Embassy in Islamabad, Reza Amiri-Moqaddam said the expansion of economic and political cooperation between Iran and Pakistan could also strengthen border security.

The Iranian and Pakistani Ambassadors returned to their embassies in Islamabad and Tehran on Friday after the misunderstanding between the two countries was resolved.

Welcomed by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry officials, Amiri-Moqaddam pointed to the long-standing historical relations between Iran and Pakistan and said the two countries always have common views and close cooperation in bilateral, regional, and international fields.

He also referred to the Iranian President's visit to Pakistan in 2023 and said the expansion of border cooperation, the creation of border markets, and border crossings were discussed, which can lead to the expansion of economic cooperation.

Different states of Pakistan have constructive cooperation with different provinces of Iran, the Iranian ambassador added and said that recently an exhibition of Iranian goods exported to Pakistan was held in Chabahar where Pakistani businessmen were actively present and MoUs were signed.

Recently, Iran and Pakistan targeted the headquarters of the terrorists in the border areas between the two countries, the coordination of which was confirmed by the Pakistani government; yet the operation led to some tensions between Tehran and Islamabad.

In the wake of the tensions, Iran's envoy left Islamabad for Tehran, and the Pakistani envoy went to Islamabad. 

The countries' Foreign Ministries then issued a joint statement on Monday, announcing that after the telephone conversation between the two FMs, the ambassadors of the two countries were supposed to return to their workplaces by January 26.


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