Tehran (IP) - Iranian health minister has said that the vaccine production process has passed the stage of testing on animal models, and the human test is to be performed.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a meeting of the EMRO (WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean) held via videoconferencing on Tuesday, Saeed Namaki referred to the production of the Iranian COVID-19 vaccine, saying that fortunately, the vaccine production process has reached a very advanced stage, and it has passed the stage of testing on animal models, and the human test is to be performed. 

"Certainly, extensive international cooperation is required to contain COVID-19," Saeed Namaki stated in response to a question of Iran Press on the effects of regional countries' experience sharing.

The Iranian health minister said: "ََAmong seven regional countries that have gained significant medical achievements, the Islamic Republic of Iran, at the peak of pressure and sanctions, was selected as the top country to manage the COVID-19."

He said that sharing experiences between countries is very effective for the virus containment.

Iran has suggested a plan to contain COVID-19 which includes risk communication and community engagement, governance, and health security.

He said that the plan requires active, committed, and regular contact and follow-up in a joint manner to combat COVID-19.

"As long as the virus is a global phenomenon and the whole world is challenging with it, without international cooperation, and the participation of all governmental and non-governmental organizations in the world, its containment will not be possible," Namaki stressed.

"Fortunately, as a result of implementing health protocols such as mask-wearing and maintaining social distance, the rate of death, infection, and hospitalization are reducing," Iran's health minister added.   207/214

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