IP- Iran’s ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, on his Twitter account, gave a humiliating response to the Israeli diplomat trying to echo the separatists’ voices.

Iran Press/Asia: "I'm learning so much about Azerbaijani history and culture in Tabriz in this great book I was recently presented. What are you guys reading these days?" George Deek, the Israeli regime's envoy to Baku, wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

In response, Iran's ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Abbas Mousavi, said, "For the information of this adventurous boy: Our beloved #Tabriz is known as the land of FIRSTS in # Iran's proud history.  Apparently, the FIRST Evil Zionist is going to be buried by the zealous people of Tabriz, too. Never cross our red-line, ever! #IRANTABRIZ"

Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan went through a complicated series of challenges last year fueled by media speculations. The speculations created a series of misunderstandings between Tehran and Baku officials. Now that these misunderstandings are over, the two capitals enjoy a stronger relationship. 

Yet, the Israelis find this reality hard to digest. Therefore, they are trying to beat around the bush and amplify the voices of the few Azeri separationists in both countries. 

It is needless to say that these efforts are futile.


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