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Tehran (IP) - The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regarding the human rights resolution against Iran, said that the statement of the Iranian Foreign Ministry was published, and Iran will not have any cooperation with this politically-motivated committee; the country voluntarily fulfills its responsibility and such actions will not help human rights.

Iran PressIran News: In response to a question about the human rights resolution against Iran, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanani said: "The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was published, and Iran will not have any cooperation with this politically-motivated committee.

He added: "The Islamic Republic voluntarily fulfills its responsibility and actions mentioned earlier will not help human rights."

Iran says documented evidence on foreign intervention in unrest 

The Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that there was evidence indicating the West's interventions to guide the recent unrest in Iran.

Nasser Kanani told reporters that the Western missions in Iran, including the US interest section, were given documented information about the intervention of their countries in the unrest that broke out in Iran.

Kanani said that a number of nationals of different countries were present in the riots, and there was a lot of evidence in this regard that has been provided to their respective states.

Kanani made the remarks as earlier the Western states adopted a resolution in UN Human Rights Council by virtue of which a fact-finding committee was supposed to investigate the unrest in Iran.

He further said: "About fifty attacks on our embassies happened, including in England which has a black history of attacking our embassy in London."

Despite the fact that the countries are supposed to protect the diplomatic missions and their personnel, they let the politically-motivated rebels intrude on Iran's diplomatic sites without doing anything to prevent them, Kanani recalled.  

The Iranian MFA spokesman noted: "The very TV networks that have been turned into war chambers are based in the very [Western] countries advocating human rights.

Mahsa Amini was a 22-year-old Iranian woman who lost her life days after she was taken into a police station in the capital Tehran.

The rioters destroyed public property, even ambulances, and set fire to houses and mosques and people in the streets. They carried out armed attacks in some cities, including Isfahan.

The rioters damaged public property. They even attack ambulances and set fire to them. 

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The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry spoke about the attack on the Israeli oil tanker, saying: "Falsely accusing Iran is the goal of the Israeli regime and its other allies, and if Iran does something, it is brave enough to take the responsibility for it."

Extending congratulations to all personnel and forces of Iran's Navy on the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Day, Nasser Kanani wished them success in carrying out the important mission of protecting the national waters, land and maritime borders, Kanani said in his presser on Monday. 

Kanani appeared with a chemical mask in his presser which seems to be a reference to Germany's support for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the 8- year of imposed war and the provision of chemical weapons by the German government to the regime.

In this regard, he said: "This scary mask is a reminder of memories for Iranian citizens and our armed forces. During the Holy Defense period, when I was a 16-17-year-old teenager, I was present on the war fronts. This mask, which has a scary appearance, is one of the items we carried in different areas even behind the front."

Kanani said: "Saddam's regime did not have any obstacles in using weapons and chemical bombs during the war backed by the Western states, including the German government."



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