The Human Rights Adviser of the Iranian Delegation in Geneva stressed the need to prosecute the killers of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani., commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps.

Iran PressEurope: Seyed Mohammad Sadatinejad, Human Rights Adviser of the Iranian Delegation in Geneva, on Monday evening at the 36th session of the UN Global Situation to review the human rights situation in the United States, referring to the long history of serious human rights violations in  the western country suggested that Washington should stop such measures and tries to make up for the loss.

Sadati Nejad told the American delegation present at the meeting to bring to justice the killers of Martyr Qassem Soleimani and to end the gross violation of human rights by the United States.

Sadati Nejad also advised the US delegation present at the meeting to adopt legal and judicial measures, to end systematic racism against minorities, including African Americans, coercive measures and unilateral sanctions against other nations, arbitrary detention of Iranians on charges of Violation of US illegal sanctions, end the complicity in the crimes of the Saudi forces against the Yemeni people and the crimes of the Israeli regime against the Palestinians.

The Human Rights Adviser of the Iranian Delegation in Geneva also stressed the need for US cooperation with the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes committed by the US military in Afghanistan.

A large number of delegations to the 36th UN Human Rights Session also expressed concern about systematic violations of the rights of minorities, especially black people in the United States.


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