Referring to the inhumane consequences of the cruel US sanctions, the representative of Iran in the European Union called on the international community to take a more active position to stop this illegal process in order to protect the international order based on law.

Iran PressIran News: Sanctions have always been used as one of the most important tools of American pressure against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although America claims that these sanctions are smart and do not target the Iranian people, the reality is that the main target of these sanctions is the Iranian people. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially admitted in his recently published book that the purpose of the sanctions is to put pressure on the Iranian people to confront the Islamic Republic government. 

On Wednesday by publishing a video clip on Twitter, Iran's representation in the European Union explained: "the damage and pain caused by the illegal US sanctions against the Iranian people cannot be measured and enough attention has not been paid to its destructive dimensions, too."

In this clip, it is stated that senior American officials are promoting the so-called humanitarian exemptions included in the sanctions as a means to prevent harm to the non-target communities of the sanctions, but the reality is that these sanctions destroy the financial mechanisms that are necessary to carry out humanitarian transactions. These so-called humanitarian exemptions are just a decorative cover for actions that are deeply inhumane and fundamentally immoral.

In this twitter message, it was emphasized that all the evidence indicates that the US sanctions with all the so-called humanitarian exemptions, are not different from a full-scale blockade of a country.

In the video message, the situation of paralytic patients in Iran is mentioned and explained, that these people have lost their access to vital drugs as a result of the sanctions of Donald Trump's administration, which were strengthened by Joe Biden's administration, too.

At the end, the Iranian representation in the European Union states: "The international community should not be idle in front of the silent killing of Iranians by the US sanctions and must take measures to  stop this illegal process. The media should also break their silence and report the destructive effects of sanctions. The time to act is now." 219