Tehran (IP): Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development stressed on completing the "Basra-Shalamcheh" railway as soon as possible.

Iran Press/Iran news: The railway lines in Iran are connected to the border point of Shalamcheh, the border with Iraq. In Iraq, rail lines are connected from Basra to cities such as Karbala and Baghdad, and in the case of a connection between Shalamcheh and Basra, which is about 32 kilometers long, the rail network of the two countries will be connected.

According to Iran Press, "Mehrdad Bazrpash", Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, met with "Razzaq Muhaybis al-Saadawi, the Minister of Transport of Iraq, who traveled to Tehran at the head of a delegation including the CEO of the Railway Company and the Ports Organization of this country.

Bazrpash also stressed the fast completion of the Basra-Shalemcheh railway as soon as possible and said that this mega project includes several parts, including demining operations, bridge construction operations, and railway track construction.

It is worthy to say that the main part of this project, which is the start of the construction of the Shalamcheh-Basra railway in September 2023, has started at the border zero point.

Furthermore, increasing the capacity of moving pilgrims during the days of Arbaeen through different transport sectors, increasing airport services and flights between Iran and Iraq, completing the Kermanshah to Islamabad railway line, and increasing the volume of transit between the two countries, especially by completing the east-west corridors, from other matters discussed by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran with the Minister of Transport of Iraq have also been announced as topics of discussions between the two sides.

Among the Arab countries of West Asia, Iraq has the most cultural and religious affinities with Iran.

Having the longest border among the neighbors (about 1258 km of land border and 351 km of water border), racial, historical, linguistic ties, religious commonalities, and the existence of threats and common security and economic interests are considered important points in Iran-Iraq relations.

The expansion of Iran-Iraq relations in recent years has always been on the agenda of the authorities of the two countries due to the many cultural, political, and religious commonalities. 204

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