Tehran (IP) – The sixth generation of intelligent health information management (HIM) system was unveiled by Shahid Beheshti University as an upgraded model of a comprehensive information system and managerial decision support in order to promote community health.

Iran PressIran News: In the first festival of the productive university and the third festival of the productive hospital, the sixth generation of the intelligent health information management (HIM) system was unveiled on Monday in the presence of a group of Health Ministry officials at Shahid Beheshti University. The intelligent HIM system has provided the ground for continuous improvement of the health field by providing the grounds for monitoring hospitals' performance.

The system, the initial version of which was launched by Shahid Beheshti University in 2017, has evolved in several stages, and the sixth version has now been put into operation.

The sixth generation of the intelligent HIM system helps managers in decision making and increase productivity by providing various management modules and dashboards in the field of clinical quality, monitoring the performance of hospitals, services and health care, educational activities, and research and technology; this has shown its importance in the COVID management.

Hospital monitoring in the intelligent HIM system is possible at different time intervals and the performance of the centers at the university level is compared with themselves and other hospitals.

The system strives to achieve the mission of "health for all" by promoting intelligence, efficiency, transparency, and public coverage so that essential health services and care are fairly available to the community.

In the ceremony, the badge of the productive university was unveiled, and the top Iranian universities in the field of productivity were praised.


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