Ukrainian plane crash

Tehran (IP) - The second round of talks between Iran and Ukraine over the Ukrainian plane crash is going to start on Monday, October 19 and it will end on Wednesday in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Talking about the topic of Tehran-Kiev talks in this round of talks, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs and Chairman of the Iranian Delegation Mohsen Baharvand told Ukraine forum that this round of talks would be held in form of technical, judicial, and legal sessions.

Baharvand added: "In the final meeting, the parties will discuss the solutions and progress of the negotiations."

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister stated that the meeting will also determine the time of the next meeting: "All our efforts are to conclude the negotiations in the shortest time possible."

On January 8, a Boeing 737 belonging to Ukrainian Airlines en route from Tehran to Kiev crashed near Tehran following a human error, killing all 176 people on board, including passengers and crew. 147 passengers on the plane and the rest. They were citizens of Ukraine, Sweden, Canada, Afghanistan, and the United Kingdom.


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