Iran to host 1st ECO insurance summit

Tehran (IP) - Central Insurance of Iran announced the holding of the first meeting of insurance leaders of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member countries hosted by the country.

Iran PressIran news: Mahmoud Asad Samani, head of the Central Insurance Risk Management Development Center of Iran, said on Friday: "The first summit of insurance companies of ECO member countries in the field of crisis risk insurance will be hosted by Iran on December 13-14."

The Iranian official said that risk and crisis insurance is the subject of the summit, adding: "Crisis is a well-known concept and an international term, and the United Nations uses this term to refer to crises of natural and man-made origin."

Asad Samani said: "We have natural crises such as floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and similar issues that occur in different areas or we have crises of human origin such as the Beirut explosion, which can be broadly referred to as a crisis."

Asad Samani added: "Thus, the United Nations calls on all countries to take action for natural and man-made crises, and for this purpose, in 2015, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction which was signed in Sendai, Japan."

He further explained that these events disrupt the path of sustainable development of countries, create poverty, and shake the economy of nations.

Regarding the participants in the first insurance summit, he said: "10 countries are permanent members of ECO, among which the heads of insurance companies of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan will not attend the Tehran summit, and the presidents or senior officials of eight other ECO member countries will attend."


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