IP- According to the Iranian ambassador in Baku, Iran will soon export Russian gas through the swap mechanism.

Iran PressAsia:  "After the implementation of the important gas swap project between Turkmenistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan through Iran, 6 to 9 million cubic meters of Russian gas will be swapped and exported to Iran through the Republic of Azerbaijan", Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, Iran's ambassador in Baku, tweeted.

"Iran is the shortest, safest, and cheapest way to transfer goods and energy and is the center of development and convergence in the region," Mousavi noted.

Earlier, The public relations of Iran's Ministry of Oil, in a "One-year performance report of the Ministry of Oil in the 13th government," addressed the issue of the 40 billion dollar memorandum between the National Iranian Oil Company and Russia's Gazprom Company.

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The construction of Iran's gas export pipeline to Pakistan and Oman and the completion of Iran's LNG projects are other agreements made with Russia's Gazprom.

This contract includes the development of Iran's Kish and North Pars gas fields, as well as six oil fields, with the high pressure of the South Pars gas field, the completion of several LNG projects, swap contracts for gas and oil products, and the construction of gas pipelines.


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