Tehran (IP) - Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned UK Ambassador to Tehran in reaction to an earlier meddlesome statement by the UK Foreign Office.

Iran PressIran news: Simon Shercliff was summoned to convey protest to the British government over issuing a meddlesome statement about the riots in Iran.

The Director General of Western Europe received the UK envoy at the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran rejects and strongly condemns the British Foreign Office's meddling in Iran's internal affairs by resorting to false and provocative interpretations," the Iranian Foreign Ministry official told Shercliff.

"Unfortunately, by issuing biased and meddlesome statements, the British side shows that it is actually siding with the scenarios designed and carried out by adversaries who are working in this country [Iran] against the Islamic Republic of Iran," the Iranian official said.

"Iran will consider potential options in response to any unconventional action by the British side," he added.


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