Tehran (IP) – Iran’s Ministry of ICT announced Tuesday that the test launch of the ‘Saman’ orbital transmission system with a sub-orbital space probe was carried out successfully.

Iran PressIran News: The Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC) in collaboration with Aerospace Industries Organization of Defense Ministry, successfully launched and tested ‘Saman’ orbital transmission system with a sub-orbital explorer, which is used for transferring satellites from lower orbits to higher orbits.

The performance of subsystems of the engineering implementation of Saman system had been tested in near-space conditions with complete data collection about its performance and its performance was proven successful in high-altitude conditions.

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran (ICT) announced that advanced systems used in designing and building Saman are a monopoly of a few countries and this launch is considered to be an important phase in developing this system domestically in Iran.

According to the website of Iran's Space Research Center, the home-grown Orbital Transmission System (Saman 1) was unveiled at the ceremony of the Space Technology Day in the presence of president in February 2017.


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