Tehran (IP) - The World Steel Association announced Iran as the seventh steel producer in the world, the production of which exceeded the biggest European economy.

Iran PressIran news: The World Steel Association reported the production of 2.9 million tons of steel in Iran in the 11th month of the current year with a 3.9 % growth in production compared to the previous year.  

The growth happened despite the US sanctions on Iran and the production of steel in the world experienced a 3.7 % reduction and the US production reduced by up to 10.5 %.  

Recently, Iran stood 12th in the world among the big producers of steel, yet its production exceeded Germany with 2.8 tons in November 2022.

The energy crisis in Germany due to the Ukrainian war is well reflected in the steel production drop in the country which is considered the largest economy in Europe. 

The top 10 steel producers in the world are China, India, Japan, the US, Russia, South Korea, Iran, Germany, Brazil, and Turkiye, respectively.


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