Tehran (IP) – Iran's Deputy Minister of Defense, expressing Russia as a strategic partner, announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran had reached self-sufficiency in the field of drones.

Iran PressIran news: Amir Khajehfard, Iran's Deputy Minister of Defense, said at the Moscow International Aerospace Exhibition called MAKS-2021: "We have made good progress in the field of UAVs, and this progress is due to more than four decades of continuous work and tireless efforts of our youth."

He said: "Today, we have reached self-reliance and self-sufficiency in the field of drones, from the body to the construction of subsystems, engines, and operation."

Khajehfard stated: "Today, we have done amazing work on the flight altitude of drones, precision measurement, automatic take-off and landing, and night flying, and we have achieved excellent performance."

He pointed out that although we participated in only two UAV models at the MAKS exhibition this year, our UAV portfolio is complete in different types, and we have competitive products.


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