Tehran (IP) - The political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran stated that Africa does not need mandatory rule and is a mature actor so without the contribution of African countries, no order will be established.

Iran PressAfrica: Ali Bagheri Kani, the political deputy of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who attended the 9th meeting of the Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa (Dakar International Forum) said: "According to many, the world order has many weaknesses and challenges, and according to everyone, the current conditions cannot continue, undoubtedly, it will collapse."He said: In the new world order, Africa must play its own role.

Stating that the main weakness of the current dying order is the evident injustice that is institutionalized in the texture of this order, the political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran said an order that is not based on justice will definitely not last.

Emphasizing that all actors should try to achieve their share in the next world order by playing an effective role, the senior diplomat added: "Any order in which Africa does not have a rightful share, the order will not be sustainable; Therefore, all those who want to achieve a stable and comprehensive order in the world as soon as possible, should not stand against Africa of playing an effective role and getting its own share." 219

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