Tehran (IP) - The Islamic Republic of Iran sanctioned 12 US natural persons and legal entities in line with the Iranian parliament's law on confronting the US' violation of human rights and terrorist acts in the region.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced sanctions on 7 US individuals and 5 US entities due to their financial support for the Israeli regime's sheer violations of human rights in the war on Gaza and the promotion of terrorism in the region. 

Here are the names of the US individuals and entities confederating the Israeli regime's war on Gaza:

- The Lockheed Martin Corporation for providing military equipment for the Israeli regime in the war on Gaza;

-  General Dynamics Corporation for providing the Israeli regime with 155 mm shells in the war on Gaza;

- Skydio Corporation for providing the Israeli regime with drones in the war on Gaza;

- Chevron Corporation for assisting the Israeli regime in the extraction of gas from the wells located in the eastern Mediterranean and exploiting the revenues to finance the attacks on Gaza;

- Kharon Company for helping the US Treasury Department in imposing sanctions against Hamas and attempts to cut off the access of Hamas and Islamic Jihad Movement to cryptocurrency transference network under the pretext of the fight against money laundering; 

- Jason Greenblatt, the advisor to the former US President Donald Trump, due to support for the destruction of Hamas and prioritizing the omission of the group as the prelude to any corrective action in Palestine; 

- Michael Rubin from the American Enterprise Thinktank due to his support for continuing attack on Hamas until the full destruction and omission of the resistance group in the Gaza Strip; 

- Jason Brodsky, the policy director of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) due to anti-Palestinian ideas and the release of untrue reports about the Islamic Republic of Iran's role in the Al-Aqsa Flood operation;

- Clifford D. May: The founder and president of FDD, due to support for anti-human rights actions in the war on Gaza;

- Bryan P. Fenton: A United States Army general who serves as the 13th commander of the United States Special Operations Command, due to providing the Israeli regime with intelligence assistance in the war on Gaza;

- Brad Cooper: Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/ FIFTH Fleet, due to support for anti-human rights actions in the war on Gaza;

- Gregory J. Hayes: CEO of RTX Corporation, due to support for anti-human rights actions in the war on Gaza.

Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, within the framework of the implementation of the law "Combating Hostile Actions of the Zionist Regime Against Peace and Security", sanctioned eight British individuals and five organizations supporting the Zionist regime.

The statement says the Islamic Republic of Iran imposes the aforementioned sanctions in line with its international obligations in support of human rights, as well as in the fight against terrorism, especially the American state terrorism, and against financing terrorism. 

Due to the West's support, especially the US', for the Israeli all-out war on Gaza from October 7, over 34,500 people have been martyred and over 77,700 others have been wounded, besides dealing with famine and starvation. 219