Iran from the educated housewives' capabilities in IT and artificial intelligence areas, Iranian VP for Women and Family Affairs told her Lebanese counterpart in the US.

Iran Press/America: Iran's Vice President for Women and Family Affairs Ensiyeh Khazali met Claudia Aoun, Head of the Lebanese Women's Commission, on the sidelines of the 68th Commission for Women Status (CWS) at the UN headquarters.  

Khazali said in the meeting that although empowering women in Iran is focused on housewives' house jobs, these jobs are not just traditional ones, but the use of the capacity of Iranian women educated in the IT and artificial intelligence areas.

Concerning the function of the vice president's office for women's affairs, she told her counterpart that it is in charge of planning for women and family affairs, and the ministries are the executive arms to implement the programs and policies of the office. 

The head of the Lebanese Women's Commission, for her part, talked about Lebanon's program which included five major axes, namely, women's political participation, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, eliminating discrimination against women, and law reform.  

In the end, Iran's Ensiyeh Khazali invited her counterpart Claudia Aoun to join the 'global movement of commitment to family' and the campaign highlighting women's role in the fight against corruption. 

Ensiyeh Khazali arrived in New York's John F. Kenedy to on Sunday take part in the 68th annual meeting of the UN Commission on Status of Women. 219

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