Tehran (IP)- The Iranian Vice-President and Head of the Department of Environment, Ali Salajegheh recently discussed the ongoing efforts to restore Lake Urmia during a cabinet meeting. With Japan's investment, the restoration project aims to improve the water quality and biodiversity of the lake amidst a lack of rainfall.

Iran PressIran News:  The Head of the Department of Environment, Ali Salajegheh emphasized that while progress has been made in restoring Lake Urmia to a more favorable condition, further steps are necessary. He highlighted the importance of cooperation from the Ministries of Agriculture and Energy in ensuring the success of the restoration project.

Addressing the long-standing challenges facing Lake Urmia, Salajegheh acknowledged that solutions will require sustained efforts over time. However, he expressed optimism about current plans to revive this crucial ecosystem.

One key initiative involves increasing water allocation for Lake Urmia with support from the Ministry of Energy. Additionally, efforts to restore wetlands surrounding the lake have raised hopes for its overall recovery.

The establishment of the Lake Urmia Restoration Headquarters marks a significant milestone in these restoration efforts. Early water releases from dams and planned water transfers through the Badin Abad River demonstrate a commitment to revitalizing Lake Urmia.

While past collaborations with countries like Japan have been instrumental in these efforts, Salajegheh noted that current cooperation is limited. Nevertheless, he remains hopeful that continued international partnerships will contribute to the successful revival of Lake Urmia. 219

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