Tehran (IP) - Iran's Vice president said the US maximum pressure plan is defeated and Washington knows this plan is useless.

Iran Press /Iran News: Iran's vice president, Eshagh Jahngiri stated: "We have defeated the US maximum pressure plan and they know that this plan does not work on Iran." 

Jahangiri said at the closing ceremony of the Arbaeen International Award: "We have nearly defeated the American maximum pressure plan with the help of God, the great nation of Iran and the leader of the Islamic Revolution's guidance." 

Iranian Vice President said: "Iran is in a critical and outrageous situation, unjust sanctions have been imposed on the nation and the country. The Americans, in their own words, have imposed maximum pressure on the Iranian nation."

He added our region has become sensitive and turned to a gunpowder store, and we have to be very careful in this regard.

Jahangiri said: "There are lessons in Arbaeen and Ashura that we need to elaborate and apply to defeat enemy's conspiracies."


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