Tehran(IP) - Deputy Minister of Economy said Iran's trade with neighbors in the past Persian Year (1400 AH), with a growth of 23% in weight and 43% in value, reached more than 100 million tons of goods and worth 51.9 billion dollars.

Iran PressIran News:  Alireza Moghaddasi, the Deputy Minister of Economy and Director General of Iran's Customs Administration (IRICA), regarding trade with 15 neighboring countries, said: "Iran's policy of convergence with the countries of the region, especially its neighbors in the President Raisi's administration, has led to the growth of trade with all countries, especially neighbors, along with efforts to increase production in the country."

"100 Million and 131 thousand tons of goods worth $51 billion and 875 million dollars were exchanged between Iran and 15 neighboring countries in 1400, of which 75 million and 445 thousand tons worth 26 billion and 29 million dollars were the share of Iran's exports to these countries, and 24 million and 686 thousand tons worth 25 billion and 846 million dollars were the share of imports," He added.

The head of Iran's customs explained: "Last year (1400 solar year in the Persian calendar) we were accompanied by a 12 percent increase in weight and 29 percent in the value of exported goods to neighboring countries, and in imports we witnessed a 68- percent increase in weight and 60 percent in value."


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