Iran's top nuclear negotiator met with the Deputy EU foreign policy chief Enrique Mora in Vienna on Thursday.

Iran PressEurope: Enrique Mora is the coordinator of the ongoing talks between Iran and five world countries namely Russia, China, the UK, Germany, and France on Iran's nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

A similar meeting took place this morning as well as part of routine contacts and consultations among participating delegations.

Ali Bagheri Kani and Mora have held several meetings so far.

Meanwhile, the White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday US negotiators are nearing a deal to revive the JCPOA that was repudiated by President Trump in 2018.

“Our view is that we are close,” Psaki said. “We have been close for some time now. We also know from having been through these negotiations before that the end of the negotiations is always when the difficult and challenging parts of the conversation typically take place.”

The eighth round of talks between Iran and the five world powers are underway in the Austrian capital city.

The talks to lift the anti-Iran sanctions began on December 27, 2021, one of the lengthiest rounds of such talks, and have now reached a point that their success or failure merely depends on the political decisions of the western sides. If the western sides adopt decisions of which they are well aware, the few remaining issues can be resolved within the next few days and a final agreement is near at hand.