Iran is one of the top 5 exporters of tiles in the world. For a long time, Iran has been known for producing high-quality ceramic tile products, thanks to its rich natural resources and skilled workforce.

Iran PressIran news: Today, Iranian tiles are known for their exemplary quality, diverse and attractive designs, and reasonable price, making them popular in the market. So, why is Iran ranked among the top 5 countries for tile production? The reasons behind this include the following:


1) Popular designs in Iranian tiles

Iranian tiles offer a wide range of classic and modern designs that cater to diverse tastes and decoration styles. Classical designs incorporate Iranian patterns and motifs, which are renowned for their elegance and beauty. Modern designs of Iranian tiles feature attractive colors, geometric shapes, and elegant lines that give the tiles a unique and appealing appearance. It is worth noting that decorative tiles also feature patterns and designs that reflect Iranian culture and history, making them a visually stunning addition to any decor.


2) Iranian tile quality with international standards

Iranian tile production has a high capacity and is highly valued in the global market. Factories in Iran use advanced equipment and new technologies to produce tiles. These tiles come in various attractive designs and are sold worldwide. The competitive pricing of Iranian tiles makes them an excellent opportunity for export to different markets. The use of high-quality materials and advanced equipment in production ensures excellent results. The combination of quality and affordability makes Iranian tiles an ideal choice for buildings and interior decorations. Overall, Iranian tiles are of exceptional quality and offer an excellent balance of economy and excellence.


3) The amazing price of Iranian tiles

Iranian tiles are of high quality and yet reasonably priced. There are several reasons for this, which are explained below:

● Raw Materials: Iran is rich in mineral areas located in different parts of the country, which helps to minimize the cost of producing tile raw materials. As a result, Iranian tile manufacturers have a competitive advantage.

● Production Costs: The low cost of human resources in Iran and the availability of internal resources help to reduce production costs significantly. This, in turn, lowers the finished price of the tile.

● Government Policies: The Iranian government has taken steps to reduce the cost of exporting tiles from Iran by reducing costs and customs tariffs. This has helped to create a competitive advantage for Iranian tile manufacturers.

● Communication and Geographical Location: Iran's strategic geographical location and numerous communication and export routes make it easy to send Iranian ceramics tiles.

Modern styles in tile manufacturing


4) Factories and high production capacity 

Iran has numerous factories producing tiles, which are exported to other countries as one of its major exports. The country's tile production capacity has surpassed 25,000 million square meters in 2021. To increase production quality and capacity, the tile industry is striving to modernize its equipment and technology.


5) Limitations and problems for the Iranian tile market

The Iranian tile market has been facing numerous restrictions and problems due to the imposition of sanctions. Despite these challenges, the market has shown admirable growth and expansion. The industry has been able to sustain its progress due to the availability of skilled labor, advanced technology, and a competitive market environment. Additionally, the government has provided support to the industry through various initiatives and policies. The Iranian tile market is expected to continue its upward trajectory, making it a promising sector for investment and growth.


Buying tiles from Iran as a top exporter Iran has established itself as a major exporter of high-quality ceramic tiles, offering a range of competitive advantages. It is an excellent choice for those in the market for ceramic tiles, providing a complete package of quality, attractive designs, and reasonable prices. Orders are processed promptly, and buyers can take advantage of various communication channels and customs procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. For optimal results, interested parties are encouraged to contact Iranian tile suppliers directly to select the best manufacturer and make a secure and safe purchase.

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