Tehran (IP) - Iran's President referring to Turkey as an important commercial and economic partner of Iran, emphasized that a goal to reach 30 billion dollars in commercial and economic relations has been set and this goal can be achieved with the existing capacities.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, before leaving for Turkey, in a speech at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport, said: "This trip takes place at the invitation of the President of Turkey to form a joint high delegation of the two countries, as well as to discuss the development of bilateral relations and economic issues."

Raisi stated: "Turkey is a neighboring Muslim country and an important commercial and economic partner of Iran, and we have set a target for our commercial and economic relations to reach 30 billion dollars. He added this goal can be achieved with the existing capacities."

Iran's Raisi, also, said that important documents will be signed during this trip, which shows the will of the two countries to develop relations.

The president said: "One of the important issues in the region that worries Muslims and concerns people all over the world is the issue of Palestine, and Iran and Turkey share a common position in supporting Palestine and their resistance."

Ebrahim Raisi added that in his presser efforts have been made in this regard to stop the bombing; however, due to the support of the US and the West to the Zionist regime, we are still witnessing the killing of women, children, and innocent people.

Raisi added: "We believe that victory will belong to Palestine and destruction will be the fate of the Zionist regime. In this trip, the issue of cutting the vital arteries of the Zionist regime will be discussed, he noted.

He pointed out that the field of Iran-Turkey relations is considerable and in line with the neighborhood policy and relations with Islamic countries, and Turkey is considered optimal for the development of bilateral relations.

Stating that we hope our bilateral, regional, and extra-regional cooperation with Turkey will develop during this trip, the President said: "We hope that the issues discussed in Erdogan's previous visit to Tehran will be followed up in this trip." 

Following a terrorist incident in the southeast city of Kerman on January 3 that claimed the lives of 94 people and injured 211 more, the president of Iran called off his scheduled trip to Turkey.


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