Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said with the nation's resistance against the economic war and coronavirus, in the current year Iran's imported goods of $30 billion and had $28 billion of non-oil export.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hassan Rouhani appreciated the endurance of the Iranian nation against the West's maximum pressure, conspiracy, and the coronavirus, noting the nation has never succumbed to all these pressures. 

Rouhani pointed to the coronavirus outbreak and today's project launched and noted that the value of food was better understood in the corona era, stressing that if the country did not become self-sufficient, the people would have to suffer more. 

The Iranian President made the remarks in his speech on Thursday at the weekly ceremony of the inauguration of national development projects including agricultural projects and more in the watershed management areas on Thursday via videoconferencing. 

"They blocked our financial resources in the world and did not allow us to use our financial resources, and they did not let us export oil and gas condensate, creating problems for us in other exports," he reminded.

He appreciated the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for permitting the government to withdraw $8 million for developing the country's agriculture infrastructure including canals, dams, and drainage.


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