Tehran (IP) - At a scientific and technological press conference on Sunday, Ruhollah Dehghani, the Vice President for Science and Technology, revealed that the 13th government has significantly expanded its relations with neighboring countries, resulting in a substantial increase in knowledge-based exports.

Iran PressIran news: The export value of knowledge-based companies has surged from $295 million to an impressive $2.51 billion over three years.

Dehghani emphasized the administration's comprehensive approach to science and technology, noting that the president prioritized the development of a knowledge-based economy, a title that was newly incorporated during this government's tenure.

The Vice President highlighted the establishment of key structures and institutions under President Raisi's administration, including the creation of the Science Foundation and the formation of the International Interactions Organization after a seven-year hiatus. Additionally, the approval of the National Organization of Artificial Intelligence at the Vice Presidential level was underscored as a significant achievement.

Dehghani further disclosed that Iran currently hosts over 10,000 knowledge-based companies and 2,000 creative firms, marking a remarkable growth of over 70% compared to the previous period. The workforce in these companies has also seen a substantial increase, with 390 thousand people currently employed, compared to 212 thousand three years ago.

Moreover, Dehghani announced a substantial rise in the sales of knowledge-based companies, with revenues escalating from 224 trillion Toman to 610 trillion Toman during the 13th government.


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