Iran's judiciary Chief: Iranian, Iraqi nation relation are inseparable

Baghdad (IP) - The Islamic Republic of Iran's Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi described the relationship between the nations of Iran and Iraq as inseparable.

Iran PressMiddle East: Speaking in meeting with a large number of Iraqi people in Baghdad on Thursday, Ebrahim Raisi said that the Iranian people know the Iraqi people for their hospitality on the fortieth day of the martyrdom anniversary of the 3rd Infallible Imam of Shias, Imam Hussain (PBUH), Arbaeen. 

Noting that the relationship between the two nations has roots in the depths of history, Raisi added: "Marjaiya (the Religious Authority) in Iraq has always been a pioneer in the fight against colonialism, arrogance, and terrorism."

He said that the brave tribes, armed forces, Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU), resistance groups, central police, Peshmerga forces, and all of the other popular forces played a key role in providing Iraq with security and fighting against terrorism.

Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Baghdad on Monday night for a three-day visit at the official invitation of the Chairman of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council Faiq Zidane.


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