Iran's gov't applies solutions for water shortage

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President, in meeting with provincial MPs, referred to the water shortage as one of the essential responsibilities of his government and described short and long-term plans to address public concern about water shortage problems.

Iran PressIran News: Iran President, Ebrahim Raisi in the meeting with MPs from Isfahan, Semnan, and Qom provinces which are located in the central of the country and had been faced with water shortage problems, said that his government has applied short and long term plans to address public concern about water shortage problems across the country.

President Raisi described the equitable distribution of available water resources and extraction from deepwater resources as two solutions to reduce water shortage in the short term, he said: "No solution to solve water shortage will be ignored and the government considers reducing this problem as one of its most important responsibilities."

Raisi also announced that the Centre for Strategic Studies of the Presidental organization was instructed to start scientific studies on reviving Zayandehrud River and said: "An active committee and working group will be formed to work on this Zayandehrud River revival. "

Zayanderud is the largest river on the Iranian Plateau in central Iran. Zayanderud used to have significant flow all year long, unlike many of Iran's seasonal rivers, but today runs dry due to water extraction before reaching the city of Esfahan. In the early 2010s, the river's lower dried out entirely after several years of seasonal dry-outs.

Iranian President emphasized the observation of environmental protection and fought pollution in the eco-system, and urged economic activists to invest in environmental-oriented projects.

Government to implement "Family Protection Law" 

President Raisi pointed to the approval of the Family Protection Law in the parliament and said that his government would definitely implement this new law".

Curbing inflation in the 1401 budget

In another part of his speech, the President said that next year's budget (1401 in Persian Calendar) is being adjusted with no budget deficit. The government can curb inflation and reduce economic pressures created after US sanctions.

"The situation in the country is sensitive but improving," he said.


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