Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that repeating accusations and false claims about the triple islands of Iran, in the current situation of the region, cannot in any way serve the interests of the governments and people of the region.

Iran PressIran News: Nasser Kanani made the comments on Wednesday in response to the joint statement of the foreign ministers of the United States and the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council in New York.

"Such accusations are only for the benefit of ill-wishers who do not care about the peace, economic development, territorial integrity, and national sovereignty of the countries of the region and have always sought their illegitimate interests through interference and instability and insecurity in the region," the Iranian diplomat stated.

"The missile and drone capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are within the framework of a transparent military doctrine that is based on deterrence and maintaining national security, and what is the real danger is the entry of the Zionist regime as the main source of insecurity and threat to Islamic countries in the geography of the region," said the spokesman.

Re-emphasizing Iran's fixed and principled positions, he said the three Iranian islands of Bu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunbs "are an inseparable and eternal part of the territory of Iran."

"The Islamic Republic of Iran rejects any claim on these islands as interference in its internal affairs and territorial integrity and strongly condemns it," said Kanani.

"Based on its strategic view and principled policies, the Islamic Republic of Iran always considers the only way to solve the problems of the region is the interaction, cooperation, and synergy of the regional countries, far from the intervention of extra-regional parties," he concluded.


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