Kabul (IP) - The commercial attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Afghanistan announced a 75 percent increase in the export of Iran's mineral industries to Afghanistan.

Iran PressIran news:  In an exclusive interview with an Iran Press in Kabul on Saturday, Hossein Roostaei said Afghanistan has been Iran's seventh trading partner in the export of non-oil goods. 

Iran's commercial attaché stated that in the last six months, 816 million dollars worth of industrial, petrochemical, and oil-based products, mining and mineral industries, agriculture, carpets, and handicrafts were exported to Afghanistan. The field of mining and mineral industries has seen a seventy-five percent increase compared to the same period last year, reaching 122 million dollars.

Roostaei said that the export of agricultural products to Afghanistan has reached 28 million dollars in the last six months, showing a 55% growth.

He stated that the export of steel ingots to Afghanistan in the last six months was more than 29 million dollars and has grown by 100%.


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