Tehran (IP) - Iran's Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister said that Iranians have always praised L. America's countering against colonialism and unilateralism.

Iran PressIran news: Tehran hosted an international conference on 120 years of Iran-Latin America relations on Dec. 9, 2023.

Attending the event, Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili highlighted: Iran and Latin American countries have a lot in common.

He said that Iran and Latin American countries extended their political and economic ties but their cultural ties require futher expansion.

He announced he would soon leave Iran for Latin America for cultural exchanges.

Esmaili noted: Iran declares its readiness to open cultural consulates in Latin American countries.

He concluded that Iran is ready for any cultural exchanges with Latin American countries.

Also, the Tehran University President said: The purpose of holding the conference is to examine the relations of Latin American countries with Iran and is considered as an opportunity for researchers and political analysts to draw a new road map for communication and interactions in the future.

Mohammad Moghimi emphasized: "During these 120 years, we have witnessed many ups and downs between Iran and Latin American countries, but the cultural and social commonalities have not let our mutual ties been disconnected."

The strategic commonalities are in the historical-civilizational and cultural axes, Latin American culture is rich, and on the other hand, Iranians also have a rich cultural heritage the Iranian civilization-building culture has been very effective throughout history in the world, he added.

Moghimi stated that Latin Americans and Iranians have benefited from each other in civilization and cultural fields.

Moghimi said: Common ideals and values, including anti-tyranny fighting, gaining political and social independence, and having a common enemy are important components in the society of Iran and Latin America.

Iran and Latin America have always been coveted by the US, and the traces of its interference are significant, but we still stand against the US, he said.

He noted that both sides are trying to maintain and extend their ties fully.


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