Iranian Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami

Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Defence Minister said that the equipment built in the Army to deal with the coronavirus has the latest technology in the world.

Iran Press/Iran News: Regarding the Army's equipment in the face of coronavirus, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said that the army and all of the Armed Forces have fully prepared units, who are ready to carry out missions.

He stated: "The mission of Iran's Armed Forces is to preserve the territorial integrity and security of the country. They also have a significant amount of medical and health facilities to deal with the coronavirus."

The Minister of Defense said: "The Armed Forces, in the same way that they are present in various issues and problems of the country, such as floods and earthquakes, they are also trying to deal with coronavirus with their health and medical facilities."

Hatami called the equipment made in the Army in harmony with modern technology and stressed that the equipment built in the army to deal with the coronavirus uses the latest technology in the world, which is the same technology that is used in the world to deal with coronavirus. The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other Armed Forces of our country also have these technologies."

In the end, Brigadier General Hatami stated: "Fortunately, we have been able to resist and manage the coronavirus to this day."

The global case tally for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has climbed to more than 2.5 million. The death toll rose to nearly 180,000, while more than 705,000 have recovered from the disease.

In Iran, 85,996 people have been infected with the coronavirus, 5,391 people have died due to the virus and more than 63,000 have recovered.


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