Iran’s Army unveils 'Kaman' drone

Tehran (IP)- Kaman-12 Combat drone successfully flew over its predetermined mission by flying over the Zolfaqar- 99 joint drill area.

Iran PressIran news: Kaman-12 Combat Drone the first combat drone of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been designed and produced by the specialists of the Army Air Force.

On Friday, the drone successfully flew over its predetermined mission, including monitoring "Zulfaqar- 99" drills area.

Also, in the continuation of this scenario of the drills, the "Ababil" drones of the army air force were succeeded in destroying their targets by using "Qaem" smart bombs.

The three-day "Zulfaqar- 99" exercise began yesterday (Thursday) with the presence of units of the Iranian Navy, Air Force, Defense and Ground Forces in the east of the Strait of Hormuz, the Makran coast, the Oman Sea, and the northern Indian Ocean to the 10 degrees north.


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