Tehran(IP):The exhibition of the capabilities and specialized achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s army was held on Saturday morning in the presence of the Iran’s Army chief commander and other officials.

Iran PressIran news:  In the exhibition, part of the latest scientific and technical achievements of Iran’s army in various fields of naval weapons, anti-ship missile systems from below the surface to the surface, advanced information systems, telecommunications and electronic warfare, and localization of various complex and bottleneck parts were displayed.

Speaking in the ceremony, Brigadier-General Abdorahim Mousavi, said: Many things that we wished for in the past, today are seen in practice.

He stated: I thank the knowledge-based companies and elite youth for their efforts. Today, we see that the needs are listed and we are working according to a specific plan.

The official emphasized: "While we were dependent, now we have reached self-sufficiency, and the equipment that was procured with difficulty and cost is now available inside the country.

Referring to the leadership's statements, he said: We must create a navy suitable for the Iranian nation.


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