South Africa (IP) - Iranian Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council stressed the need for independent countries to unite against US policies.

Iran PressAfrica: Ali Akbar Ahmadian, Iranian Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, called the US policies a "dangerous trend," maintaining the apartheid system by adopting a unilateral approach and imposing sanctions, which should be encountered by independent countries' cooperation.

Iran's Ahmadian met Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, Minister in the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa, highlighting Iran and South Africa's shared positions on developments in the Middle East.

He stressed expanding cooperation between the two countries, including counter-terrorism and extremism.

Holding the 15th session of the joint commission of Iran and South Africa was called a positive step for cementing ties between the two countries, according to him, expressing hope that with the visit of the president of South Africa to Iran, bilateral ties will be boosted in various fields, mainly economy. 

Expressing hope with the attendance of the Iranian official at the Meeting of the BRICS National Security Advisors in South Africa, South Africa's Ntshavheni emphasized cooperation in all fields, especially energy.  

Ntshavheni, for her part, expressed her country's support for Iran's request for BRICS membership, adding that she will visit Iran in response to the invitation of the Iranian side at the head of a delegation consisting of officials from relevant bodies.

Iranian Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council has traveled to South Africa at the head of a delegation to attend the Meeting of the BRICS National Security Advisors.

The "BRICS" group is one of the world's emerging economies.

Currently, BRICS member countries are Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa, and India, with Iran and Saudi Arabia among the countries that intend to join the economic group.

Member countries of the BRICS group include more than 40% of the world's population and nearly a quarter of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


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