Iran's AEOI Chief on Sunday described the events like the 9th edition of Conference of ‘Gaza, Symbol of Resistance’ in Tehran as a knowledge rasing experience.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi in an interview with Iran Press stressed the fact that all of the nations of the world care for the resisting people of Palestine. Iran's AEOI chief added that the tyrant rulers of our time, unfortunately, do not let nations' voices be heard.

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Salehi continued that these kinds of conferences would raise the public awareness about the role that Resistance forces play against the Zionist regime and called it as a big help of the Journalist and men of Media so that this international cry would be heard and noticed.

He pointed to 'Sykes-Picot Agreement' and dividing of occupied Palestinian lands by France and the UK.

He added: “In these two countries, Zionists made their utmost efforts to defeat Palestine and several wars took place.”

Speaking to reporters on Sunday on the sidelines of the 9th edition of Conference of ‘Gaza, Symbol of Resistance’ in Tehran, Ali Akbar Salehi, said: “The decision to leave or remain in the JCPOA will be made by the JCPOA Supervisory Board which is always monitoring the circumstances and decides properly in accordance with national interests.”

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Separately, in response to another question regarding the Iranian TV anchorwoman held in US jail, Salehi said: “What a democracy is this that detains a hardworking female journalist, who went there to visit her relatives, while had not done anything wrong other than journalism, and nobody spoke against the illegal action in the country.”

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The nuclear chief went on to criticize the European countries for staying silent against the illegal detention of Iranian anchorwoman by the US authorities.

With regard to recent comments by John Bolton, the US National Security Advisor claiming that Iran gives wrong information to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Iran nuclear chief said: 'has Bolton ever said anything honestly.'

In response to a question regarding achieving peaceful nuclear thresholds by Iranian experts, he said that no foreign country played a role in achieving them while acknowledging that the Iranian scientists used international journals to produce them. 203/103


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