Tehran (IP) - Iran’s achievement in fighting coronavirus was exemplary in the world despite the intensification of the coronavirus pandemic and severe sanctions, with the cooperation of the Basij, Armed Forces, and all people, Health Minister Saeed Namaki says.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the meeting of Operational Headquarters of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus Namaki said that bright days are ahead in the fight against the disease.

Noting that no patient was behind the doors of hospitals at the peak of the pandemic, Namaki stated that Iran has been fighting very strongly against COVID-19 under tough sanctions, while countries like France have abandoned the old and saved only the lives of the youth.

Iran had a huge move in the production of masks and medical equipment, becoming from a consumer to a manufacturer and even an exporter.

Namaki stressed: "We were able to screen 78 million people in the first phase and 43 million in the second phase, with 300,000 troops, which is unparalleled as a major national movement in global management."

He concluded that protocols should now be mandatory to prevent further coronavirus spread.


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