Tehran (IP) - The president of Iran's Supreme Audit Court read the 2020 budget settlement report in the open session of the parliament.

Iran PressIran news: Mehrdad Bazrpash presented a summary of the 32nd report on the budget settlement after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The report includes auditing more than 3700 executive agencies, reviewing and compiling more than 6800 audit reports and performance of the single article notes in the country's budget law of 2020, examination of compound reports of 272 letters, clauses, and parts in the technical and legal working group, and elaborations on the settlement of the single article and its following notes. 

The report, collected within 726 pages, was prepared four months before the legal deadline and was sent to the parliament on September 22, 2021. 

Bazrpash said that the budget plan of 2021 was delivered to the parliament by President Raisi on Monday, adding that now it was the best time to reform the budget structure because last year's report was submitted to the parliament so that the budget for the second year would be developed effectively and efficiently.

Hidden subsidies, oil sales decrease, and fundamental reforms in budget

There were over one 1.603 billion tomans of hidden subsidies in the gas and primary goods sector, he said and added that liquidity growth in the years after the revolution was 25% per year.

Bazrpash also referred to the decrease in oil sales of the country and said that 38% of oil sales was supposed to be sent to the Development Fund but remained at 20%.

Earlier, the head of the Planning and Budget Organization (PBO) announced that in the next Iranian year, the country's budget plan would be modified to a simple, observable, and measurable version.

There were serious objections by the new parliament to the budget plannings of the former administration, such that the lawmakers were determined to follow fundamental reforms to the country's budget plan.  


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